4.5 Variable frequency drives

220V single-phase 380V three-phase variable frequency drive

A variable frequency drive is used to control the frequency speed of an electric motor. It can also control the raising and lowering speed when starting or stopping the motor. Variable frequency drives are particularly used in the industrial sector, in every application where you need to adapt the speed of an electric motor. 

A variable frequency drive is used to:

  • improve the control of your processes
  • optimise the operation of your electric motors’ applications
  • reduce your electric energy consumption.

We can find variable frequency drives in many applications such as conveying, pumps or ventilation systems.

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Variable frequency drive or variable speed drive?

Many terms exist to name drives like variable speed drive, variable frequency drive, adjustable frequency inverter…

 A variable frequency drive enables to control the rotation speed of an induction electric motor by changing the power frequency of the electric motor (50Hz).

 2 operating modes for the variable frequency drive are possible:

  • For constant loads: constant torque, by maintaining the constant ratio U/f (voltage/frequency).
  • For variable loads: flux vector control, or quadratic. In this case, the power control loop is optimised, even sometimes with a sensor that enables speed feedback. 

Supplying a 220V 380V variable frequency drive 

The supply of the drive depends on the supply of the site: single-phase 220V (domestic use) or three-phase 400V (industrial network). 

Choosing a single/three-phase variable frequency drives to vary the frequency of the network

The single/three-phase variable frequency drive is made for supplies in single-phase 220V/230V. It drives three-phase 220V motors (delta connection).


Opting for three-phase variable frequency drives

These drives are supplied from a three-phase network in 380V/400V.


The power of a 220V 380V drive 

To choose your model of drive, you must select a power equal to or greater than the power of your electric motor.


We have in stock several powers of variable frequency drives:

  • Single/three-phase variable frequency drives: from 0.4 kW to 5.5 kW
  • Three/three-phase variable frequency drives: from 0.4 kW to 400 kW

Three/three-phase variable frequency drives have a greater power because they are made for industrial applications. All our drives are available and shipped within 24/48h.

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