4.2.3 Accessories for 220V electrical motor

Accessories for electric motor 220V

Find our ranges of single-phase 220V electric motors’ accessories:
- 1 or 2 capacitors: start or run
- Electric motor reversing contactor 220V
- Rotary switch

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Accessories for electric motor 220V

For your single-phase 220V electric motors, EASI-Spare offers you a range of accessories: capacitors, rotary switches and motor reversing. 

What is a capacitor?

A capacitor is used for the start or the continuous operation of a 220V single-phase electric motor. It creates a phase shift between the auxiliary winding and the main winding. The goal of the capacitor is to ensure the starting of the single-phase motor. 

They can also be used for transforming a three-phase motor into a single-phase motor.

How to choose your capacitor: 

To choose the capacitor, you need to consider the voltage, the capacity and the use (if it is for running or only for starting). If the motor you are using has only one capacitor, you need to choose a run capacitor. 


What is a rotary switch? 

A rotary switch is made for starting a motor, shifting between networks (primary and secondary) or simply for being used as a switch.

It is a switch box that can be wall-mounted or on a pole. Connected with cables to the motor, there are cable glands between the cable and the switch box to ensure its tightness. 


Direction of rotation reverser for 220V single-phase alternative electric motor.

A motor reverser is an element which is connected upstream the single-phase motor. It enables to reverse the direction of rotation of a single-phase motor. Its operation is simple, it starts or stops the single-phase motor and can also change the direction of rotation. The change of direction of rotation is made by changing the capacitors’ coupling of the single-phase motor. 

We can find 2 types of motor reverser: 
- A manual motor reverser type 2 
- A cabling motor reverser type 1 

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