3.2.4 Set of wiring accessories

Set of cabling accessories

We offer you a range of cabling sets: 

  • Set of terminal blocks type 1
  • Set of crimp connectors
  • Set of cable ends
  • Set of cable glands
  • Set of cabling accessories
  • Set of thermal sheaths 
  • Set of wiring markers.
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Set of wiring accessories

EASI-Spare offers you several kits of wiring accessories.

You can find crimp connectors, cable ends, cables glands and wiring markers.  
Boxes are in plastic with a closing cover. Inside, several compartments correspond to all products in the kit.
Moreover, you have the possibility to stack all kits that we sell. Then, you can regroup all your tools in one and only kit. 
Then, they are ideal for all your business trips or for organising your workshop.


What is a crimp connector?

A crimp connector is usually used in the industrial field, for installing electrical equipment. It can be in several forms for adapting to terminal blocks easily. The primary use is to connect multi-stranded wires.

Crimp connectors can be identified with different colours:

  • Red: To be crimped with a wire between 0.5 mm and 1 mm
  • Blue: To be crimped with a wire between 1 mm and 2.5 mm
  • Yellow: To be crimped with a wire between 2.5 mm and 6 mm


What is a cable end?

A cable end is an element put at the end of a wire or of a stripped multi-stranded cable to improve the electrical connection. 
Thus, the cable end regroups all strands together by securing them. This enables a good electrical connection and then reduces the risk of short-circuits. 


What is a cable gland?

A cable gland is a device made for passing electric wires through a watertight wall. Much used in the industrial field, it protects electric cables against disturbances which may cause short-circuits or fires.


What is a wiring marker?

A wiring marker gives electricians and service technicians the possibility to identify wires or cables in an electrical enclosure. It saves time when there is an electrical maintenance or when an element must be changed. These small markers are frequently used in letters and digits. They slide on the cable or the wire.

Numbers go from 0 to 9 and letters are L, N, R, S, T to identify neutral phases for example.

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