7.1 Aluminium profile bars

Modular aluminium profiles and accessories

Sale of aluminium profile with slots in type B or type I.
The aluminium profile is designed for building industrial, engineering and automation furniture.

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Types of slotted aluminium profiles

We offer you a wide range of slotted aluminium profiles for all applications You can dismantle, adapt, modular and anodised, and reusable, you can create a bespoke structure at a lower cost.

Which profile slot to choose?

- Profile with 5 mm slot is used for compact constructions
- Profile with 6 mm slot is used for light constructions
- 8 mm profile is perfect for medium constructions
- Profile 40x40 and 10 mm are perfect for mechanical mountings.

The advantages of having a structure in aluminium

Modular aluminium profiles are easy to maintain and can be used both indoors and outdoors. In industry, profiles are an ideal material because of their lightness.
Aluminium is hard-wearing: the profile will stand the test of time and won't warp. It is also non-combustible and highly resistant to corrosion.
There are several sizes of slotted aluminium profiles.

Our range of profiles includes several models which depend on the slot:

- Profile 11x20, 20x20, 20x40
- Profile 30x30, 30x45, 30x60
- Profile 40x40, 40x80, 80x80, 80x120
- Profile 45x45, 45x90, 90x90, 90x180

All our aluminium bars are stored in lengths of 6,060 mm. You can order on our website in standard lengths of 1, 2 or 3 metres or you can order made-to-measure bars with a quote request. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Applications in modular aluminium profile

Several applications are possible: 

- Workbenches
- Trolleys
- Serving trolleys
- Laboratory benches
- Partition walls
- Furnishings
- Workshop layout
- Booths
- Kits
- Machine frames
- Ergonomic workstation
- Packaging lines
- Manual or automatic assembly lines
- Marking and labelling lines
- Test and inspection benches
- Conveyors, etc.

To build your slotted aluminium profile structures, we offer you on our website EASI-Spare.com an entire range of accessories as well as bars and sheet metal.

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