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Mini industrial PLC

We offer you a range of nano programmable logic controllers with their accessories and their cables. 

EASI-Spare guides you in your industrial automation projects.

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Cheap programmable PLCs

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are used in the industry sector to control command systems for electrical installations. They are used for automating processes (machine control system) or for controlling robots. 

Nano PLCs vary in price and size. They are a lot cheaper than other PLCs, so more economical and smaller and compact, enabling to integrate them in limited spaces. Micro-PLCs are particularly adapted to small sequential machines. 

The operation of an industrial micro-PLC

A PLC is composed of:

-          A microprocessor or CPU (Central Processing Unit)

-          A memory where the programme is stored

-          Physical I/O modules

-          A supply generally in 24V

The micro-PLC receives data via its inputs, that are then executed by the processor which put the programme into effect. The result is finally delivered by the outputs of the PLC.

Furthermore, we can use expansion modules for PLCs to increase the number of inputs and outputs or to add specific I/O (4-20 mA, 0-10 V, PT 100, etc…).

What is the purpose of a nano-PLC?

A nano-PLC enables to automate processes such as pump monitoring systems or tank monitoring systems (heating time and temperature). This is possible thanks to sensors or temperature controllers.

Micro-PLCs are also used for monitoring freight elevators, car wash stations, agitators, small production machines of all types.

Adding expansion modules on a PLC

Expansion modules for PLCs enable to add additional features. Here is the maximum expansion of modules:

nano plc imo expansion

Touchscreen and HMI connection

Micro-PLCs, equipped with RS485 Modbus communication, can be connected with a touchscreen or an HMI (Human-Machine Interface). This screen enables to remote controls and signals on an external display. It can be personalised and developed according to your needs. 

The screen enables to access to an advanced connectivity (remote control via VNC, sending of email).
To put in place this system, a network must be installed via a network cable between the devices and the mode of communication (RS232 or RS485). 
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Expansion unit for iSmart
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Expansion unit for iSmart

iSmart Expansion unit: analogue I/O, PT100, Ethernet communication 
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Accessory for iSmart
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Accessory for iSmart

Programming accessories for intelligent relay iSmart
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Programming cable SMT
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Programming cable SMT

Programming cable PC for IMO iSmart (SMT)
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