2.1.2 Single-phase electrical transformers

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Primary single-phase transformers 230V or 400V.

Also available in dual primary / dual secondary.

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How does an electrical transformer operate?

An electrical transformer adapts the voltage of an electrical circuit without lowering the frequency. It can also isolate galvanically two circuits (isolation transformer). Electrical transformers are useful in industrial electrical cabinets to lower the electrical voltage so it can be used by the components (relays, contactors, PLCs).

The transformer is composed of primary and secondary windings.


Isolation transformer or autotransformer

The difference between an autotransformer and an isolation transformer is fundamental: 

The electrical isolation transformer has separated primary and secondary windings, meaning that they are galvanically isolated. Then, there is no electrical continuity between the primary and the secondary. It is the case for any electrical single-phase transformer and electrical three-phase isolation transformer. 

The autotransformer is a transformer of which primary and secondary windings are linked. The voltage transformation is realised via a division on the primary winding. Thus, there is an electrical continuity between primary and secondary.


Choice and characteristics of a single-phase transformer

The electrical transformer changes the alternating signal voltage value. To choose a single-phase transformer, you need to know the main characteristics:

- the input voltage.

- the output voltage.

- the apparent power needed on the output.

- the ingress protection (IP) of the transformer.

Single phase transformers generally supply the system control part (like a cabinet) by adapting the signal voltage. To calculate the power in single-phase, you need to multiply the desired voltage by the intensity.

We offer for sale transformers with a primary voltage of 230V, 400V or even dual primary 400/230V. You will find transformers with a power from 40VA to 1600VA, as well as transformers with lower powers (8 to 24V) for applications necessitating less power, such as buzzers/alarms.

Our transformers can be included inelectrical cabinets by mounting them directly on DIN rails. 

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Transformer 230V - 12 V
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Transformer 230V - 12 V

Single-phase electric transformer 230V => 12V
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