3.1.9 Cable glands, cable passage

Range of cable glands and cable passages

- Cable gland from M12 to M63: grey, black, red, white
- Cable gland from PG7 to PG36
- Cable gland PR25
- Cable glands + unit stainless steel rings
- Cable passage
- Cable gland reducer
- Cable gland cap

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What is a cable gland?

A cable gland, which is an accessory for industrial cabling, enables to pass electric wires through a watertight partition. The cable gland ensures the sealing against foreign objects, dust, water, etc. Moreover, it enables to block the cable mechanically.
Its function is to protect electric cables from the sheet metal after drilling, which may cause short-circuits or fires.

The range of cable glands includes:

Cable glands with metric (M) or gas (PG) thread. The difference between the two ranges comes from the fixing thread as well as from the spacing between the threads. 

We offer you a range of metric threads from M12 to M63 as well as a PG thread range from PG7 to PG36.


Cable gland composition

A cable gland consists of a hollow sleeve. This is where the electric cable passes through. It is threaded on both sides (the thread defines the range of cable gland to be chosen: metric or gas). One side of the cable gland is attached to the wall or to a box by means of a nut. On the other side, a seal is passed through to ensure that the cable is sealed and sheathed. 

The seal is pressed between the sleeve and the nut.


 Cable glands in the industry sector

Cable glands are widely used in the industrial sector. They are used to pass electric cables. We can use them in electrical enclosures, or for any machine requiring to run an electric cable to an electrical equipment.

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Cable passage

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