7.1.3 Aluminium profile 40x40

40X40 aluminium profile Aluneed TB

Range of profiles and affordable accessories for mechanical assemblies.
Aluminium profile 40x40 10 mm slot, brackets, fixing nut, sheet metal, handle, wheel...

The brands Aluneed TB and Aluneed TI represent the compatibility of our profiles with the standards of the 2 manufacturers on the market.

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Aluminium profile section 40X40, 10 mm slot 

The aluminium profile is both strong and light. You can use it to make frames and machine housings to protect your co-workers. It can be used in the professional and private sector as it is modular. The profile is anodised, and the 40 mm section can be used for making resistant and lighter structures than steel untreated after assembly.

This product is affordable for mechanical assemblies.
Many accessories are available to create your own structure adapted to your needs. It is perfect from prototyping to making kits in series production.

Choosing 40x40 aluminium profile for your projects

To provide you the best support possible, we can cut your profile to size (with an additional cost corresponding to the cutting price) from 50 mm to 6,060 mm, on request. On the website, we only offer standard lengths: 1,000 mm, 2,000 mm and 3,000 mm. For a complete quote, do not hesitate to contact our sales department. Our qualified technicians will be able to meet your needs and advise you on the choice of products or solutions to adopt.

Anodising the profile gives it a smooth and clean appearance, adding an aesthetic touch to your structures. We have many accessories such as caps to protect the profile from dust and to preserve it over time, but also to have more design structures. We can also offerslot coversin several colours.

The seals that we offer enable to insert sheet metal(dibond, PVC, polycarbonate…) into 40x40 aluminium profile to create doors, windows or frames. They ensure the sheet metal is firmly secured in the slot.

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