5.6.1 Stepper motor

Range of NEMA stepper motors

Stepper motor from 0.28 Nm to 29 Nm and standard flange.

  •  Nema 17
  •  Nema 23
  •  Nema 24
  •  Nema 34
  •  Nema 42

You can also discover our models of programmable stepper motor drivers with modbus communication.

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What is a stepper motor? 

A stepper motor is a motor that runs depending on electric impulses received in the windings. It transforms electric impulses into an angular movement (1.8° as a basis) which is a good choice for applications that need motion and position control.


NEMA stepper motor:

Nema stepper motors represent the standards of the National Electrical Manufacturers Associations, which regroup big manufacturers of electric material.


Features of NEMA stepper motors: 

  • A supply in 24, 48 or 80 Vdc (4 wires)
  • A standard flange
  • An excellent and dynamic performance 
  • An angle between 2 steps of 1,8°
  • Possibility with micro-steps.


Control mode of stepper motors:

Stepper motors are controlled by pulse trains (PWM: Pulse-width modulation). The pulse trains are generated by the programmable logic controller and current amplifying by the stepper driver. This gives the stepper motor torque. The frequency determines the speed, and the direction signal determines the rotation direction.

DC motors have a torque which decreases when the rotation speed increases. Motors have a specific torque curve according to the supply voltage, which can be up to 90 VDC.


Stepper motors with integrated driver: 

Stepper motors with integrated driver are made to control them directly via a “STEP” and “DIR” sign without using an amplifying driver.



Using stepper motors

The perks of a stepper motor

The rotation angle of stepper motors is proportional to the input pulse. Moreover, they have a full torque at standstill, if windings are powered up.
We can use them for mechanical applications where the position or the speed need to be controlled.
Finally, these motors are reliable because they are brushless, their lifespan depends on the winding.

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Stepper motor nema 17
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Stepper motor nema 17

Range of stepper motors from 0.28 to 0.50Nm
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Stepper motor nema 23
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Stepper motor nema 23

Range of stepper motors from 0.55 to 3 Nm
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Stepper motor nema 24
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Stepper motor nema 24

Range of stepper motors of 3.2 N.m
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Stepper motor nema 34
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Stepper motor nema 34

Range of stepper motors from 3.1 to 12.1 Nm
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Stepper motor nema 42
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Stepper motor nema 42

Range of stepper motors from 14.4 Nm to 29 Nm
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