7.2.1 Profile connectors without machining

Profile assembly without machining

Modular assembly of profiles using systems that do not require machining (brackets, junction sheet metal, T-slot nuts, etc.) : easy, fast, rigid and come apart!

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The brands Aluneed TB and Aluneed TI represent the compatibility of our profiles and accessories with the standards of the 2 manufacturers on the market.

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Assemble your structures

Whether it is a 6 mm or 10 mm slot, we offer a wide range of assembling accessories without machining needed for assembling your projects in profiles. These products are practical because they are easy to use. No need to drill or thread your bars. These accessories are fixed directly into the slot using hardware such as quarter-turn bolts, for example.

The different types of assembly without machining

Fixing brackets with centring pins are useful for fixing two perpendicular bars together. This product is easy, fast, precise and anti-rotation. The brackets are supplied with screws and bolts. It is possible to put bracket covers to make the assembly more aesthetic. The centring pins can be broken off for mounting across the profile.

Cube connectors allow to fix two or three bars together, but only if the cross-sections are identical. The covers supplied with this accessory ensure a uniform and designer appearance. They are supplied with self-tapping screws for a fast mounting.

Internal brackets give a more aesthetic appearance to your structure as they are not visible. No need to rotate the bar as they can be mounted inside the profile slots. Be careful if you want to insert a sheet metal inside the profile slot because this solution won't be appropriate at all.

Corner angles give a similar finish to the cube connector. You can fix three bars together with this accessory. The advantage of this solution is that you can choose the shape of the protection cover (rounded or cubic).

We can offer you many other assembly solutions without machining (T connectors, half-moon shaped brackets). Please do not hesitate to contact our sales department for further information.  Our technicians are here to listen to you and guide you in your choices for your project.

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Internal mounting bracket
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Internal mounting bracket

Internal mounting bracket for aluminium profile
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Cube connector
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Cube connector

Cube connector for aluminium profile
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T-connector for aluminium profiles
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Automatic connector
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Automatic connector

Self-tapping automatic connector
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