2.4.1 Relay with base

Power relay with base

Find our range of power relays with base at EASI-Spare: 
- Relay HY with high capacity 30A
- Power relay with base HY
- Plug-in power relay QY21
- Plug-in power relay RS
- Miniature relay SRRHN 1 pole 12A
- Miniature relay SRRHN 2 poles 8A

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Electrical relay with base

Electrical relays are made for controlling the actuators placed in electrotechnical cabinets. We use them for the electrical control of assemblies.

You can order the relay in a certain voltage (for example 24V) and control several voltages on the electrical contacts (for example 230V). This can be useful for changing the control voltage of the relay, for instance between the electrical control side and the power of the machine. The relay is generally used in the control system part or in the interface relay on the output of an industrial programmable logic controller (PLC). 

The base of power relays

 A base is an element that should be wired on a DIN rail.
It enables to wire a relay without having to change all the wiring, especially in the case of a change in the voltage of the relay. The base stays on the electrical cabinet, allowing you to unplug the relay for replacing or changing it. 

It is then a practical component for professionals to use in the industrial and automation sectors especially, to avoid rewiring. 

Characteristics of electrical relays for control

The characteristics to know for choosing an electrical relay are:

- the control voltage of the relay coil. The standard electrical control voltages in the industrial sector are: 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 24 VAC, 48 VDC, 110 VAC and 220 VAC.

- the contact capacity of the electrical relay should also be considered. It is the maximum intensity the contacts can tolerate when the electrical relay switch. By default, it is at 5 amperes, but it can also be at 8, 10 amperes and even up to 30 amperes.

- the poles of the electrical relay indicate the type of contact of the relay. A common distributes the electric current on 1 NO contact (Normally Open) or NC (Normally Closed). It is then a contact described as a Break/Make contact. Control relays often have 1 to 4 poles or Break/Make contacts.

- the supply of the electric coil is made at the level of A1 and A2 terminals and sometimes has a LED light which indicates if the electrical relay is operated or not.

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Power relay with base HY
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Power relay with base HY

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