5.7 Brushless motor

Brushless motor and servodrive

You can find all our ranges of brushless motors and servodrive: 

  •  Brushless motor, servodrive 220V
  •  Brushless motor, servodrive 400V
  •  Servodrive ETS, multi-axis.
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What is a Brushless electric motor?

The brushless electric motor is a type of permanent magnet synchronous electric motor. It is characterized by constant torque regardless of the speed rotation. They are made for high-performance applications. 


Brushless motors are fitted with encoders and combined with a servo drive, they can operate in a closed-loop system:

- for positioning with an incremental or absolute encoder.

- for controlling speed with a resolver.

Besides our three-phase brushless electric motors or single-phase, we also offer a range of servo drives for motors with 2 or 3 axes.


Our packs: 

EASI-Spare offers you packs with EM3A or EMG brushless motor, a Pronet servodrive, an encoder cable and a motor cable:

Pack 1:

  • EM3A Brushless motor
  • Pronet servodrive
  • encoder cable
  • motor cable

Pack 2:

  • EMG Brushless motor
  • Pronet servodrive
  • encoder cable
  • motor cable

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation or for further information. Our teams will be happy to advise you on all brushless motors.

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