3.1.1 Electrical cabinet

Range of industrial electrical cabinets

You can find on our website a wide range of electrical cabinets and electrical boxes:

  • Sheet metal cabinet 2mm, stainless steel, ABS or polyester.
  • Modular or non-modular, with a glass door and a roof for an external use.
  • Standard size from 300x250x160 to 2000x1000x400.
  • Delivered with solid bottom plate.
  • CE marking.
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Choosing an electrical cabinet

We offer a range of electrical cabinets with several materials: plastic electrical cabinet, metal electrical cabinet or stainless-steel electrical cabinets. The choice depends on the use and on the sector.

Metal electrical cabinets in sheet metal are the most used in the industry because they are strong and resistant. They are also less sensitive to external disturbances than a plastic cabinet for example.

The plastic electrical cabinet has the double advantage to be lighter and cheaper than a metal electrical cabinet.

Finally, stainless steel electrical cabinets are especially aimed for the food industry as they are more resistant over time and do not rust.

We offer several formats of electrical boxes such as metal boxes with a cap or boxes with a double door for every use. All our electrical distribution cabinets are shipped with a solid bottom sheet metal and have CE marking.

Content of an electrical cabinet

The composition of your box depends on your needs and on the power of the installation. Your electrical cabinet can be composed of several electrical protection devices such as circuit breakers, residual current devices or isolating switches to ensure the safety of users.

If you wish to install electrical distribution terminals to connect electric cables, you first need to install a DIN rail to fix them.

You will find on our website all the essential accessories to compose for your electrical enclosure. All our products are shipped within 24/48h.


FAQ: electrical enclosures and boxes

What are the components of an electrical cabinet?

The principal electrical components of an enclosure are: circuit breakers and residual current devices which secure the installation, the surge protection device which protects against overloads due to lightning, the fuse to avoid short-circuits and the contactor which enables to open and close the circuit.

How does an electrical cabinet operate?

The electrical panel regroups the protections and the controls of electric circuits of an installation.

What are the standards of industrial electrical cabinets?

The enclosures must meet several international standards, such as the standard CEI 60617 which standardizes diagrams and symbols, the standard CEI 61346 and CEI 61355 for the documents and standards CEI 82045 and ISO 10303-212 which regulate the information processing contained in the technical documentation.

Are cabinets watertight?

We offer on our website watertight electrical enclosures. Depending on the model chosen, they are certified IP55, IP65 or IP66, which means that they are protected against dust and water jets.

Which electrical cabinet to choose for outside?

For your exterior electrical enclosure, you can choose a sheet metal enclosure that easily adapts to the exterior. It is resistant to exterior disturbances.

Which enclosure to choose for the industry?

Metal enclosures are the most used in the industry, because they are strong and low-sensitive to exterior disturbances.
Prefer a stainless-steel enclosure that does not rust for the food industry.
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ABS electrical cabinet

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Metal enclosure

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Lock for metal case

Cam lock for metal case QSRFW
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Distribution board

Construction distributor with 3 plugs
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