5.6 Stepper motor

Stepper motors and drivers for stepper motors

Stepper motorfrom 0.28 Nm to 29 Nm and standard flange.
- Nema 17
- Nema 23
- Nema 24
- Nema 34
- Nema 42

Driver for stepper motor: 
- Current from 0.3 A up to 10 A, voltage from 18 to 240 VDC or 15 to 240 VAC
- STEP/DIR, programmable, with MODBUS communication.
- Up to 25,600 steps per revolution, 300Khz

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What is a stepper motor? 

A stepper motor is a motor that runs depending on electric impulses received in the windings. It transforms electric impulses into an angular movement (1.8° as a basis) which is a good choice for applications that need motion and position control.

How to choose a stepper motor?

In order to choose the most appropriate stepper motor and driver, you need to consider the following information: 

- The torque in N.m required by the system 
- The maximum speed 
- The distance covered (distance by step) 

1; It is important to choose a stepper motor depending on the maximum torque and then verifying that the motor’s characteristics match the speed required (with the motor curve). 

2; Choosing the stepper driver corresponding to the motor. 
To determine the corresponding driver to the motor, the amperage must match the voltage
EASI-Spare offers three ranges of drivers: 

 - DPP_xS10:
Non-programmable standard range 

  - DPP_DS30xx:
Performing range, programmable with 4 transistor inputs / 2 outputs as well as 2 analogue inputs / 1 output. 

  - DPP_D5:
High performing range, programmable with 4 transistor inputs / 2 outputs as well as 2 analogue inputs / 1 output. It has MODBUS communication RTU, RS232 and RS485. 

3; Finally, assigning a supply thanks to the motor characteristics curve (80 Vdc, 48 Vdc, 24 Vdc). 

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