7.1.4 Aluminium profile, 10 mm slot

Slotted aluminium profile

Range of Aluneed TB 10 mm slot modular profiles and accessories for rigid mechanical assemblies:
  - 45x45, 45x90, 90x90, 90x180 profile, standard to heavy version.
 - brackets, fixing nuts, sheet metal, handles, wheels, etc.

All of our 10 mm Aluneed TB type aluminium profile bars available to cut to measure with a quote request.

The brands Aluneed TB and Aluneed TI represent the compatibility of our profiles with the standards of the 2 manufacturers on the market.

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10 mm slot aluminium profile

The aluminium profile is a solid, durable and modular material that will ensure your structures resist wear. It is possible to choose profiles with closed sides depending on your project. This type of profile prevents the accumulation of dust in the slot and gives an aesthetic appearance to your project. Anodising the profile completes this effect by making the profile colour smooth.

Your chassis can be disassembled and reused as it is reusable and modifiable unlike machine-welded tubes.

Aluminium profiles with a 10 mm slot suit for constructions with important loads such as working tables, enclosures of industrial machines, conveyors, protective cabinets, heavy handling systems, robot chassis, kits, prototypes...


Think about using aluminium profile for your facilities!

You can find on our website profile bars with standard lengths: 1,000 mm, 2,000 mm and 3,000 mm. However, we store the bars in length of 6,060 mm. We can cut your profile to size via a quote request (with an extra cost corresponding to the cutting price) between 50 mm and 6,060 mm.

The range of 10 mm slotted profiles offers many accessories to create your project. Extension connectors enable to connect two bars on the length. We also offer connectors to attach two parallel bars. If you want to slide one bar on top of the other or just slide an object on the profile, you can use T-slot nuts for manual movements. You can also find slides. on our website. If you need advice on our products or if you want a complete quote for your structure, do not hesitate to contact our sales department. Our technicians will be happy to advise you or offer you products adapted to your needs.

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